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Circulatory system problems arise from aging, injury or disease and blood flow can decrease to all parts of the body, including the brain. Conditions contributing to poor circulation include:

*Pregnancy   *Smoking   *Complications from Flying  *Anxiety  *Diabetes  *Poor Diet 

*High Cholesterol   *High Blood Pressure  *Obesity  *Heart Disorders   *Circulatory  and Blood Vessel Disorders *Hardening of the Arteries (Artherosclerosis)  *Nerve Disorders   *Anemia   *Asthma   *Bronchitis  *Pneumonia  *Blocked Blood Vessels  *Emphysema   *Food Allergies

Inflammation following an injury, surgery or from illness (disease) is very destructive. Any acute or chronic inflammation or edema compresses  blood vessels and restricts blood flow  and oxygen to the affected area. During surgery tiny blood vessels are severed, causing swelling and edema in tissue surrounding the surgery site. Until the body decreases or eliminates the inflammation, blood flow to the tissues and cells is disrupted and pain and loss of function of the affected area may occur. These oxygen deprived tissues heal slowly or can’t heal.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a method of administering pure oxygen under pressure (in a chamber) to a patient and that allows the fluids (cerebral fluid, spinal fluid, blood plasma, cellular fluid) in the body to absorb oxygen. This enables a higher concentration of oxygen to reach all tissues, including the brain, heart, and liver, injured muscle, bone tissue, damaged tendons and joints, thus reducing inflammation and pain and supporting the body’s natural healing process at a much faster rate.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy eliminates the effects of poor circulation including:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits during Healing:

  • Speeds up the healing of tissues, ligaments and fractured bones  
  • Reduces swelling and pain 
  • Prevents Hypoxia of the traumatized tissues 
  • Reduces scar tissue formation and damage 
  • Prevent surgery infections
Joe Borlinha

B.Sc, Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

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